Our Journey

Creating Our Logo

Our logo of an eagle with a printers’ stick in one claw and a tastevin in the other is entirely fictitious. This logo and other symbols as well as labels and even wine names have been creatively borrowed from the Meinert family’s short but rich printing history in Namibia. The family had used the German Master Guild of Printers’ eagle as a symbol for the sports teams of their printing company.

This crest shows the two-headed eagle (originally used by the Holy Roman Empire) holding a printer’s stick in one claw and an ink roller in the other. Circling birds of prey are also a feature of the Devon Crest vineyard and we set about simplifying and adapting the rather fierce martial style eagle to suit our vinous ends.

Our One-of-a-Kind Labels

The distinctive Meinert labels have their origin in the colours of the Devon Crest vineyard: red-brown soils, dark green vine leaves and the sky overhead. Designer Athol Moult of Pitchblack was briefed that the front labels should be clean and uncluttered, yet distinctive.

It turned out that the choice of “burnt orange” as the lead colour was fortuitous as the bottles stand out anywhere and it has become one of our distinguishing features. The handwriting is that of winemaker Martin Meinert, who feels that his boutique style wines should have a distinctive personal stamp.

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