FROM: At Devon Crest Vineyard just outside Stellenbosch, Meinert Wines are made in a personalised range, in limited volumes. Each wine takes its journey from vine to barrel with much science, care and creativity to ensure uniqueness and individual character.

VINEYEARDS: A rather complex blend of three Merlot vineyards plus a dash of Petit Verdot. All our soils on Devon Crest are deep and well drained with a high clay content. Vines receive supplementary irrigation if we have water. Average yield 7 tons/ha.

Meinert Merlot Awards

Meinert Merlot 2017


About Meinert Wines

Meinert Wines is a small premium producer located in the picturesque Devon Valley within the Stellenbosch Region of the Western Cape of South Africa. Each bottle of Meinert wine is created with personal attention and care to ensure uniqueness and individual character. With only 80,000 bottles produced annually, every blend is personal and distinctive.
Our grapes are meticulously selected from the cool Devon Crest and Elgin Valleys. Natural yeasts are used in fermentation and our wines are aged in French oak. Our beautiful boutique wine farm has a story inspired by a family’s history. From the names of the wines, to the symbols and the packaging, a story unfolds and a journey is followed.

Martin Meinert is the original cellar master behind multiple award winning wines over the last 30 years. Speaking of his love of wine making, Martin says, “Here I found I could tell many stories – of the land, the people that work it, the valley and those who live here. I could create wines that reflect the character of our vineyard – a woven fabric of vines, soil and the perfect climate.”

As one of the ‘patrons’ of the South African wine industry, Martin celebrates a new era, welcoming Brendan Butler; young yet accomplished and passionate wine master. Brendan is carrying on the beautiful art of winemaking at Meinert and honouring the legacy started at Devon Crest.

Martin Meinert

A celebrated Wine Master who has travelled the world collecting knowledge and refining his philosophies. Martin’s award winning wines reflect the character of the land and the vineyards. His personal preferences are honed by time and dedication and celebrated all over the world in his distinctive boutique wines. Thirty years of studies, travel and dedicated farming allows Martin to bring South Africa’s best wines to our tables.

Brendan Butler

The youngest Cape Wine Master joins the Meinert team. At the age of thirteen, Brendan’s passion for the Cape and the vineyards was ignited. Through his studies in Viticulture and Oenology at Elsenburg, and his tenure at some of the top wine farms in the Cape, Brendan has emerged as one of the finest young talents in the industry. We welcome him as he joins the Meinert team to strengthen the brand and build on our legacy.